the heart needs

On a dull summer day, a traveler wandered into the woods.

A weary smile and curious eyes. 

Years and years of traveling.

Never a home or a spot of rest.

He ached for something that his traveling can’t bring to fruition.

The ardent feeling of love,

And of the warmth that can only be derived from a lover.

For all his infinite wisdom derived from his lifetime, he has yet to know what love is.

And so he sought counsel from a wise witch.

The woods, said the local witch, will be the key to your desires.

So he wandered the wonders of the woods, curious and baffled by the witch’s words.

The woods were filled with all sorts of individuals.

Of monsters and humans alike,

None good nor evil.

In the midst of the sunset, the traveler encountered the beast of the woods.

The beast is a simple monster,

Eyes glowed scarlet, black tar slicked off him, along with a crooked tail.

Not a pretty sight for anyone’s eyes.

All things alike in the woods feared him, except for the traveler.

He has seen the world for all the horrors and wonders;

So the beast is hardly fearsome.

The lack of fear intrigued the beast more than anything.

So to appease his interest, the beast latched onto the traveler.

At first, the traveler is dismayed at the interest of the beast.

But, soon enough, fondness emerged.

The beast followed the traveler, never too far but never too close.

Like an insistent shadow.

Time moved on and the pair grew close.

And time spent with someone is time well spent.

The traveler sang in the light air and the beast listened.

Soft and lilac sweet songs.

The beast showcased the untold parts of the woods,

To the grand happiness of the traveler.

Secrets can be the best treasures, especially from monsters.

The traveler picked honeysuckles and gifted them to the beast.

Honeysuckles represent pure happiness.

The beast awkwardly grabs onto such a small and hopeful thing.


The traveler is amused; do you know what happiness is?


It’s the look you have on your face whenever I sing.


The beast hands the honeysuckles back.

You should have them because you are pure happiness.

The traveler smiled with an immense fondness for the beast.

With a twinge of his heart, he felt the ardent and warm love that he had sought after.

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