The Museums Is Free on Sundays

Woozy in the blue breeze,

I found the bastard’s conduit
in the sponsorship

& the naming
of the sponsorship
after capitalism’s dead wife.

Look! The tethers have
all been cut
& the rope-makers
have decided to frame

the performance
while they drown us in
oceans of rope. The rupture
must, but I refuse to trade
one day for six. That shit has

only ever given us thresholds
& doors & gods
& slavery. We sail only
because there is wind
& a moon. We create thickness
as a dance to encourage

a proper rubbing. If fire comes
don’t trap it in a building.
Let it burn like a beast
with no plan. I am only
for the art that routes us
through their melting fat.
I am only for the naming

that removes the distance
between the rabbit’s breath
& the rabbit’s flight. Follow
me to the fields. The real
fuckery is done hiding
& it’s free & free & free
& free & free & free & free.

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