The Script

In this story you’ll be the hero.

And I will be your foe.

That’s how it goes right?

Every hero necessitates a villain.

An adversary against whom they battle.

If not for glory then maybe simply to prove something.

Oh I know!

I threatened to destroy you so you tried to destroy me instead.

In the sequel,

I’ll be your mirror.

And every time you look at me, you’ll see the very thing you fear the most.

Perhaps I’m being too direct.

Every good story requires an element of confusion afterall.

So we’ll spin around in circles until we lose the point.

The secret.

We don’t have to talk about it.

They don’t have to see it.

They don’t have to see you.

But I promise you, it will forever linger on.

Follow you like a shadow

But here’s some good news.

I have a solution.

Your shadow will only follow you in the presence of light.

So maybe you should hide.

No one will see it in the dark.

So go on.

Find a cave that’s drenched in darkness

Listen to me very carefully.

Sit very still until you become the darkness

Let it consume you until you become a mere shadow of a man


Now they’ll never know.

But there’s something I forgot to tell you.

There’s plot twist.

In this story, you became the villain.

What are you looking for?