The system

             The system 

There lord, i am sorry to say this but i have questions that i need answers.

We are supposed to live in piece but why do I see black slaves been punished by their own slave masters, we cried to be free but we freeze in the hands of monsters.

Monsters that doesn’t reason weather proper poor poppers are suffering,  grumbling, nagging about the government the ugly system, the system

Why did they told us that education is the key when they know that we will graduate from school, and still find out that to get a better job connection will be the key,to live a better life political influence will be the key.

There Lord our system needs to be free, cause all i see are poor people being deceived been convinced to believed that they are doing the right thing but not the system is rising from bad to worst.

Thinking about the slogan the used on us any time they want to fooled us “We are government of the people, by the people, and for the people. But after they gain power they abuse the people, missuse the people use the people as tools against each other we have nothing to do but to swim in a silent pool.

O lord, for how long most we keep on going on living behind the truth, diving deeper and deeper in a silent pool our anger is growing bigger and bigger but locked up in a silence room.

The system is making me stressed up after every government the system will take a new direction, what kind of preparation do we have to live for the next generation, whose footsteps would we want them to portray from when they go astray to whom most we cast blame on, the system or the ugly government. 

Dear lord, am asking all this questions on behalf of the hungry children’s, poor men and women who have been condemend for greed and selfishness. lord we need a savior to save us from this senless system,

Our blood is injected by corruption virus no cure,  no option is left for us but to die of unseen sickness the system 

Silence pain feasts on our heart we are as childrens forced to work a narrow part, greed selfishness and pride is what we pictured out in our politicians heart. Dear lord could we ever be free from this wounded system the system, the system.


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