The Ultimate Key To Pull The Life

Life is all about ups and downs,

Not a success for the one who frowns.

Dreadful adversities are surely a part,

But that shouldn’t shatter the soul apart.

The world pulls us down, to plunge in the dirt,

But our eyes should greet the grass with mirth.

No soul seems to offer a shoulder to rest,

Perseverance with hope is the only zest.

Why should we seek help outside,

When our heart is fiddling with tumult inside?

Isn’t the time teaching us strength,

with a bounty of cheers coming at length.

Look back at the difficulties crossed,

Do you realize the infirmity you tossed?

No matter what the world may say,

Your faith to surpass will surely pay.

The only ray of optimism in the gloom

Would take your reins stretch till the doom.

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