The virus

The only spherical organism,
Among the seven dead,
Has an immense living system,
With organs of greenish dense.

It has an exquisite soul,
To welcome millions of species,
Of bacteria and viruses for habitation,
The organism is so altruistic.

It nourishes a virus for its survival,
In the hope of proliferating happiness,
Oblivious about the backstabber,
That was destroying its dense organs,
With synthesis of heat.

To rescue the organs and other bacteria,
From the six sense virus,
Organism gobbled three waves doses
Of antigen called covid nineteen.

To escape from the antigen,
The virus concocted pseudo greens,
As transistional aegis.

The organism sacrificed its organs,
Typically its gratifying lungs,
To rejuvenate itself from the ravage,
Should the sphere extinguish the virus
Or let the virus extripate it?

The greens are becoming ash,
Let’s dwindle the consequences,
Before the sixth extinction ends.

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