The Wonder Horse

The Wonder Horse


Christmas times in the past can be joyful to remember,

with fond memories you will always treasure.


Christmas is such a  special time for children.


A time for each youngster to ask in a Santa visit,

or a letter to him asking for a special gift,

like a bike or a beautiful doll.


Telling Santa that he or she has been a good child.


The weeks before Christmas are filled with carolers singing in the neighborhood,

baking and decorating cookies and other special holiday goodies,

and while decorating, sneaking bites, hoping not to have someone like mom catch us.


Visiting family and friends and decorating the tree.


My   youngest brother when he was five asked Santa for a Palameno Wonder Horse,

To be able to rock back and forth and not get tired.


He would draw pictures of himself on the Wonder Horse,

but he couldn’t draw very well,

so he made himself a stick person and a stick horse, waking that Christmas morning,

hoping the  Palameno Horse would be there by the tree.


When mom and dad told us we could get up and see what Santa had brought us,

we jumped out of our beds and raced for the living room.


John with shouts of glee on seeing his wish had been granted.

He jumped on and the Palameno was off with one little happy boy.


While everyone else was busy opening presents

John was asked each time his name was called that he had a present,

 his answer in reply was later,

I am busy riding.


Hours later he was pulled off so he could join the family for Christmas dinner.


After dinner he raced back to his steed and climbed on again until he was called to go to bed.


A Christmas I will always remember

John’s happiness on getting his Wonder Horse.

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