Alone set forth the settled dawn
And from it shadows spawn
And rainbow blessed so we wake upon
Do for all for oracles is make us pawns.

The rock echoes the accursed lie
Shriek, howl, and die
Mist upon myth for thee who question to cry
Albescent the steps, we grow and writhe
Life upon life, plight upon plight
For all there is to this flickering light.

Music shall till their head
For thy hands bathed in red
Art is finer than truth by right
In you, shadow, your worthless might.

Gimmicks of God play mind and pray
And march the roads of deaths equally lay
Till ye who wandered far into grass too gray
And had fallen there in name and say

Good day, hero.
Good night, soldier,
Good luck, ghost,
See, for you who wander
No land is ever made to wonder
The days you been other than fate.


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