Truth be told,

I hold not a single tear in my eyes,

But they are wet always,

It gets me up on my toes,
And watchful of what I see.


Truth be told,
I listen not to many haters,

But still I take heed to their words,

And put into practice,

I’m forever not grateful.


Truth be told,

I sing not to the anthem of my heart,

But no beat lives in me,

Still I hear it playing on,

And it’s quite a catchy tune..



Truth be told,

I feel imperfect on the inside,

But perfect on the outside,
Perfect with no imperfection,

It’s just a mere understatement.



Truth be told,
I lie to myself all the time,

But generous to the people that lie to me,

Though it’s quite an awkward moment,

I care nonetheless.




Truth be told,

There is power to what I speak,

But sadness to what I hear,

And it seems to tear me apart at first,

But I always find my feet.


Truth be told,

I do not choose my friends,
My friends choose me,

They corner me to a spot,

But I end up making decisions myself.



Truth be told,

I’m crazy when alone,

But well composed outside my home,

Though I want to act myself,

But I remember it’s the viewers show.



Truth be told,

I can’t remember when I felt the wind gush my hair,

Or when it blew my skirt up,

Or when it hummed a melodious tune,

Or when it gave me goosebumps,

But I remember the bitter days.



Truth be told,

I’m the funniest person you’ve ever met,

But also the trickiest person you never want to meet,

Though it’s not right,

But I’ve got to play the game right.


Truth be told,

Nothing is as it seems,
Life keeps on going in circles,

And most times I bend to the way of the world,

But I’m grateful to see another day.



Truth be told,

I get lost trying to find my path home,

Do I go forward or do I go backwards?

Either ways,

They both seem tedious.


Truth be told,

I’m the light that shines amongst the darkness,

And the darkness that lights up when in tears,

It’s crazy to think that way,
But I do.


Truth be told,

I wish to do what no man ever saw coming,

To harvest my happiness,
And uproot the weeds that grow amongst my crops,

For my days of a better hope just started.


Truth be told,

I’m crazy not to understand the way I move,

But crazy to understand the way of the world,

And people question me a lot,

I’m not ready to take a slide back.


Truth be told,

I’m subjected to my flaws,

But they complete me,

Throw them into the burning furnace,

And I burn with them.


Truth be told,

Compare me to a carrot,

Tough in its appearance,

But when it enters into a boiling water,

It becomes so tender and soft.


Truth be told,

I’m not you,

I don’t like you,

I can never want you,

But I need you.


Truth be told,

I dream not of a fairytale,

But dream always of a happy ending,

It’s crazy to think such,

I still do.


Truth be told,

When many lanterns shine their light,

One lantern shines its light the best,

If it isn’t mine,

Whose is it?


Truth be told,

I hate to bully,

But get bullied a lot,

Funny to think of it that way,

I’ll strike when I get the chance.


Truth be told,

Not many people like me,

Neither do they hate me,

But still,

They feel am a shadow.


Truth be told,

Think of me how you feel,

Who cares? Not me,

You are just one amongst millions,

There’s always someone out there that accepts me.


Truth be told,

I can think of a thousand reasons why I’m special,

You call it pride,

I call it a gift,

Nothing seems to sting me.


Truth be told,

Everyone has a story

I have mine so do you,

Mind your business,

Or I’ll give you a punch.


Truth be told,

People like you for who you are not,

And hate you for being you,

Shock them into a coma,

You are just perfect the way you are.


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