Turn R ight

I’m not keeping up, I’m not keeping up.
I’m not keeping up is all I here say.
But if I ever stop running,
push me down, out and away.

The colors of life are too dark to be seen, too bright to behold,
You have seen the scorch of the day,
now, let the dark times unfold.

Change is a part of nature?
Change is nature!
And without enough kinetic energy,
I have but one direction, faliure.

It’s the circle of life, haha!
From it’s name, it’s endless.
So let us begin the drama,
and make this circle seamless.

If you are moving forward,
don’t stop for your fortune will rot.
Okay, let’s not make this awkward,
it’s not going to happen unless you halt.

It’s the circle of life
and what best way to draw it,
than to start at a point,
you can never go wrong.

I’ve said enough, let me rest.
It’s the circle of life, haha!
There is no rest.

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