Uncovering Illusions

The good and the bad: community, solidarity, solitude, and isolation.
Time had stopped for some,
But for others, it has only become heavy.
It was hard to get around physically
And tiring it was to move anymore mentally.

Counting the days and distracting your way
To survive what has happened already,
Years before you were born.
Making sense of how to live,
Because suddenly, all of the familiarity has turned to a stranger.

That sense of security and comfort is now suspicious
Because even loved ones have become a threat
To your life that you hold so dearly.
Oh! The things that you would give now to bury yourself with papers,
Rather than be engulfed by worry.

Time, though, has not changed either for the better or worse.
Cynical as ever, apathetic as a griever.
Moving continuously without regard to the millions of deaths.
And here you wait for the year;
You are waiting for an illusion, dear.

Nothing has stopped; only the soil is waiting,
Yet, there has been a change in setting.
A threat now imposed to daily living,
Wherein something unnoticeable has turned deadly.
Society’s order may have nurtured the majority, but humanity has always had one foot in the grave.

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