Growing in the dark where I whistled into the ears of the silences.
The whispers of the winds constantly making me ride the chariot of serenity and comfort.
Scorching heat spreading all around, and it’s warmth touched my skies.
The hurdled bays governing the castles that guarded my time.

Dawn and dusk, arguing to adorn the mellowed noon.
The heavenly night was held tight in the arms of the ravishing moon!
And I?
I simply remained enthralled, witnessing the arena of the Utopian Day,
Feeling sprinkles of splashes of moments, that flaunted the inner soothe.

All seemed as if an enchanting dream.
My heart reverberating notions,
Pumping boundless yet hidden emotions.
Some logs that pulled me behind.
Some days that flew away too soon!
All running in an infinite race.
And, I?
I, for the larger world,
Remained but a cassette of ‘Scintillating Tunes.

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