It’s been a weird summer, huh?
Remember when you came home,
key in the door,
before you jumped as i said hello
knowing you didn’t see me sitting
on your porch?

Remember when you walked right by
as i folded the laundry,
right out of the dryer,
you thought i was upstairs but
then i said something and scared you?

Remember when you were in your office
working on something something
and i stood in the door,
waiting to ask but
you turned and startled to see me there?

Remember when i came in the house
and you were in the kitchen
expecting me to come from inside
your body shaking when
i slipped through the front door?

Remember when i walked on my toes
small and somehow always unexpected,
alarming you with my sudden presence
as if you could never quite know
that i was there?

i can’t forget it, man
when i think about it
i really hope that now,
when i’m not there,
you sort of hope that somehow, some way
i am.

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