Vyrus, Vyrus

Vyrus, Vyrus spreading wide
Across the heedless countryside.

What demon or almighty power

Inflicts you on us in this sad hour?


On what anvil were you once forged

To become this, our latest scourge?

Did we commit some grievous sin

To land us in the shit we’re in?


Did some great almighty Lord

Roar with anger, raise His sword?

What hubris did arouse His ire:

The daring theft of forbidden fire?


No … t’was but a bat hanging on a bough,

Dribbling spittle on some poor sow

Which soon was sold, and soon was eaten,

That sparked contagion, still unbeaten.


Not Satan’s curse nor Allah’s wrath,

Not churlish gods just having a laugh.

No rhyme, no reason, plain bad luck;

The universe, you see, doesn’t give a fuck.

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