When Will You Learn?

Oh humanity! when will you learn?
Learn to live, live for life and love
To seek joy in what the soul delights
With a mind of reason and heart of compassion.

I question your endless progress?
For you know not the art of survival
Look inside and witness,
Your tutelage strangling the sensible self,
The bottomless cracks on your delicate heart
Wailing wide open.

Your hollowness resounds the imminent end
With hatred fueling, ego and pride
Blind despite the daylight to sense the rotten morality,
That you are all slain inside.

I scorn your victory, the smile on your vicious face
Cause, you fail to mirror your own image
Your savage power and ambition limitless
But self seeking and self killing,
Butchering serene Nature and inmates.

Let me remind, you ungrateful man
You own her even the beats of your heart
The pigment of your skin
To every breath in your corporeal self,
Who nursed you, so tender, so gentle
Like a mother feeding her new born babe.

My heart, afraid to be a part of your race
That you belittle everything beautiful
Your progress, like a child’s bed time story
Exciting yet unreal.

True, realization comes late
Your lament meaningless in march of time
Until you are banished to regain the paradise
See the Nature revolts.

How cruel is your fire lit
In the woods of Australia and Amazon
Have they, swiftly hopping around their little homes
Inflicted harm to your delicate fine muslin,
Or their pleasant voices convulse your towering palaces?

Nature fierce with her thunder, failed to bemoan
To see her little ones running around in the blazing fire,
Your wrath of greed to crush them dead
For devoid of wealth, they could not buy their green land.

Through the mounting smoke,
Oh human, you failed to see the weeping rabbit
The expectant kangaroo unable to run,
Their wailing cry for survival amid the jingles of your coins
To your ruthless self, all wrapped in incommunicable silence.

Open your eyes to these blood stains
Streams of tears to funeral pyres
That some corner of your heart may awaken
At the sight of your ignoble aim.

Lap the child that you left fatherless
And make the mother forget the funeral mourn
Shed the clothes that you fit in not
To sense this human suffering.

Smell the flower and feel the rain
To decipher in you the reflection of the Lord
Lovely like a tulip field, lulling with the gentle breeze
Holy as a seer in the Himalayan peaks.

If progress is what you search for
Solicit your soul in sublime thoughts
Listen, the silence speaks from within
Raise your thoughts to submerge in Him.

Wherever you behold
There sings life; in the cuckoo’s carol
To the drizzling rain, swiftly gliding on lotus leaves
Borrow some pleasure, if despair, fear or future hurts
Resides immense hope in a young bud
To flower in all splendid forms.

Sometimes sitting alone by a clear brook
Dwell on the loss you made, you had
Converse your grief with the dark woods,
Warm your cold hands from time to time
And sing tunes of melancholy with the wind.

You will see, the bird soon joins you
The sensation of suffering lowered down
As Nature forgives and forgets her infant’s past,
Clasp her when she cradles you,
Like a little child in her mother’s arms,
As her waves wash your stains away.

Oh Man! Be such Man again!
To look to the moon and sink in joy
To walk being lost in the starry lane
And smile even in your grave!

What are you looking for?