This writing life is a gamble
If you play it right, play it mean
With everyone, including yourself,
To just get the words down. They’ll
Often be misunderstood which can cause
Ructions and fall-outs but, if they’re
Cool they’ll come back around again
Once they realise it weren’t about them,
But then there’s all the hours you
Need to spend working on the words
Missing out on seeing friends all in a bid
To stay sane getting the word out there.

If you play the writing game right it
Can lead to all manner of delights but
Of course there will always be the demons
Who come biting at you too but in the
Long run if you’re doing it right it’ll
Work out as at least come deaths end
You won’t have completely lost your
Mind and have something to show for
A life that was always meant to be lost
With nothing to remember it by.

So i’ll keep on writing, the words hopefully
They’ll keep on coming and maybe in 20, who knows
30 years hence they’ll be something worth
Remembering of this life beyond lost friends
Lost to the word
Lost to this life as the poems
Pile high, the stories keep
Coming and at some point
That goddamn second novel.

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