Adrienne Foon: "Free hand"

Adrienne Foon is a native of Los Angeles. She is currently working on editing her book of poetry. She spends her spare time discovering amazing food and enjoying the beach.

Free hand

I let my hand move freely, listening to where it wants to go.
Red outlines a woman with a womb, the neck cut off.
A blue head floats sideways
With hair like sea grass dangling down.
Pink lips with black dots suspend above.
She sits there with her swollen feet
A cactus protrudes from the right side moving towards her.
Underneath, a golden hand reaches up and I circle around it in black.
Despair is masked in pink spirals while anger dances beside in purple streaks.
Thumbtacks stick onto brick walls and cracked lipstick.
She clamps my shoulder with her hand deflated of warmth.
Guiding me to freedom with her swastika.

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