Portola Valley First Graders: “Woodland Poem”

Woodland Poem

You can put anything
on the magic paper

Shining sun
Pollen for bugs

Flying in the water
Eating fish

Cold yummy
Ice cream

I love watermelons
On a hot summer day

Sunny days
Play catch

Skraps like little
Vagume cleeners

Peeps are yummy
Nature is awesome

The beautiful white petals
Are like unicorn mane

The keys on the piano
Are sparkling like bubbly water

I see a sparkling sunset
With the colors green and purple

Rain falls
The deer look for shelter

She looks like a wild fox
She runs like no one’s there

This leaf is ripped
Like a broken wing

Can you love, love?
Yes, everyone can love, love.

Some are easy
Some are hard

Family is all healthy
Heart is full like a cheerful bird

When my mom is not around
I feel very lonely

My dog
Needs lots of love

My dog
Likes to eat my food

I see myself
There’s a copy of me

It looks
Like white and pink cotton candy

It looks like
A sunset could be a tree

What are you looking for?