Prepaway – Amazing Encounter with Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam

Have you ever thought about getting your Java skills confirmed? If yes, then you should certainly take Oracle 1Z0-808 test! Oracle 1Z0-808 is a certification exam that is designed to assess the candidates’ profound knowledge and skills in Java SE 8 programming.The examwill check your knowledge of Java fundamentals, tools, and concepts. Upon successful completion of 1Z0-808, the candidates are awarded Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification, one of the most sought-after credentials in the IT sphere.

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam Details

It is very important to know how Prepaway exam is set before your scheduled date finally arrives. Oracle 1Z0-808 exam needs you to be very conversant with the exam topics because it involves technical skills that you will be expected to showcase in order to get certified. The key Oracle 1Z0-808 exam topics that you should know are as follows:
• Java Basics
• Decision Constructs and Operators
• Loop Constructs
• Inheritance
• Java API Selected Classes
• Arrays
• Methods of Encapsulation
• Exceptions

It is very clear that Prepaway exam consists of practical topics, so you need to have hands-on experience in handling the required task. Here is the format that is used in Oracle 1Z0-808 exam to assess your understanding of the topics:

• Oracle 1Z0-808 exam has 70 multiple-choice questions
• Test duration is 150 minutes
• The exam price is $245
• Passing score is 65%
• The exam is validated against Java SE 8 release

My personal experience

I have received Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer credential after passing my test. I feel more than glad to share with you my experience with Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. I will reveal to you the challenges that I encountered and how I managed to tackle them with ease. I am very sure that you are going to benefit a lot by going through the content that I have prepared for you.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Harvard University. I believed that scoring first-class honors was all I needed to win the job in Toronto, my home town. I attended several interviews but none of them were successful until I passed Oracle 1Z0-808 exam and received my credential. What I mean to say, OCA certification opens many doors. That is why I want to show you how you can easily understand the concepts and get certified.
Now, allow me now to unfold what I encountered while I was preparing for Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. First of all, I enrolled in an instructor-led video course which was offered at PrepAway website. I went through it and I learned some really valuable practical skills.The best thing about instructor-led courses is that you get first-hand information from a specialist who has actually been working in the industry for years. So, I highly recommend to use this great opportunity and learn from the best.

I also advise paying attention to the syntax when you are working with Javabecause your program will not be able to run once there is any syntactical error. I made mistakes quite often and couldn’t figure out what’s wrong with my code. The good approach to avoid this is to follow the instructor step by step so that you do not miss even a single step. Replay the video in case you do not grasp the content.

Another trick that helped me to understand the technical concepts is the use of class diagrams, flowcharts, and UML diagrams. Before you start coding, draw a flowchart so that you can easily tell the way in which you are going to write your program. This visualization technique will help you to imagine the architecture of your project.

Also, I learned to always save my program before compilation.Some compilers such as Netbeans do not perform auto-saving without a plugin. It’s a little thing, but it will help you save a ton of time and nerves during your preparation for 1Z0-808 test. And one more useful tip: don’t forget that Java is a case-sensitive language, and you should be very careful when writing code. Many of my programs failed to run because I used uppercase letters instead of lowercase.

A couple of words about job opportunities

As I said, Oracle 1Z0-808 exam can open many opportunities for you. With Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer certification, you can count on the following job roles:

• Software Engineer
• Android App Developer
• Java Programmer

You can be sure that after you pass Oracle 1Z0-808 test and get certified you will become a sought-after professional for any organization that uses Java.


So, the next thing that you should be aiming to do now is to start training for your Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. Follow the tricks highlighted above and you will find that getting certified is not as difficult as it sounds. Additionally, you can gauge your readiness for the test with the help of Oracle 1Z0-808 exam dumps. Good luck!

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