Presenting Joanna Cockerline, Our Literary Arts Internationalist


Inventiveness comes to mind when Joanna Cockerline’s name is mentioned. She is an originator of creative spaces that brings cultures together to share their rich diversities in everything literature in its widest terms and applications.

A Professor of creative writing studies at the University of British Columbia-Canada, she has introduced live streaming of cultural exchange for her charges through organizing trips abroad that enables them to experience the differences in the sameness, the otherness in the similar, the exotic in the expected, all adding up into memorable and enriching of minds in living the interactions of those she tutors. Working with youthful minds, widening their scope in matters literal. Pioneering projects that mentor attitudes towards self-growth by way of integrating the observed into hybrid writings. No distance has been too long. No challenge that kept off her eye off the mark when it comes to providing opportunities for her learners to grow. From organizing mentorship projects for the learners to scouting for art outlets with fellow artists running successful blogs worldwide. Here is a tireless artistic spirit leading tomorrow today. A soul selfless and giving of her invaluable time, energy and love of art to the ultimate maximum. Prof Joanna Cockerline is bringing Canadian students to Africa for a student to student exchange. Such programs create positive thinking, cultural integration, literary arts knowledge exchange, learning and sharing spaces among nations.


Joanna Cockerline is cross-appointed as a Lecturer in the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Faculty of Management at UBC Okanagan, where she has taught since 2011. Previously, she designed and directed an interdisciplinary writing skills program at the University of Guelph for over a decade. She has published articles on cross-curricular and embedded writing pedagogy.

Joanna leads her own writing, editing, and writing consulting business, working with firms and organizations throughout Canada and across the globe. She works in sectors spanning engineering, international airports, infrastructure, travel and tourism, sports and recreation, the financial industry, and geotechnical and environmental initiatives, among others. Joanna has contributed to projects of all scales, from community not-for-capital-profit organizations to joint-venture initiatives with capital values in the multi-billion dollar ranges.

To benefit her students at UBC, Joanna enjoyed bringing insights and leading-edge practices gained as a writing consultant and communications instructor for professional managers, engineers, and financial professionals. Within the community, Joanna is actively involved as a Board of Directors member, literacy and writing mentor, and nighttime street outreach volunteer for H.O.P.E. (Helping Out People Exploited), a grassroots organization devoted to women working and/or living on Kelowna’s streets.
A CBC Literary Awards prize winner, Joanna has published short stories, poetry, travel writing, and non-fiction. She is currently working on a novel and is represented by the Bukowski Agency.

To all initiatives, Joanna strives to cultivate welcoming, inclusive atmospheres inspired by ongoing learning from a wealth of diverse, interdisciplinary perspectives across our local and global communities.


Presentations, Articles, Short Stories, Poetry, and Readings:
Annual Keynote Speaker: “Creating Successful Proposals.” Canadian Society for Marketing Professional Services. Vancouver, BC, Canada. 2019.
“Cultural Stereotypes in African Literature: Changing the Narrative for the 21st Century Reader,” Speaker, African Writers’ Conference – African Writers’ Development Trust. Nairobi, Kenya. 2019.
“Assessing Writing Skills across the Curriculum.” Cockerline, J. and Rice, K. Journal of North American College Teachers of Agriculture. 50. 2 (2006): 65-80.
Invited Public Readings: Various events, from “Bully to You! Voicing Views of Violence,” YMCA-YWCA Toronto, to the Eden Mills Writers’ Festival, Ontario. 2003 – Present.
“Blank Spaces.” En Route Magazine. June 2003. 67-70.
“Postcards (Not Sent) From Africa.” The Fiddlehead. Summer 2003. 59-64.
“Cold Lake, Alberta, December.” Room of One’s Own [now Room]. 24:2 (2001). 90-91.

Teaching Excellence Award Nominee, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, University of British Columbia, 2018
CBC Literary Award – Short Story, 2003
Canada Council for the Arts Grant, 2002
Ontario Arts Council Grant, 2002
Graduate Studies Scholarship, Humber School of Creative Writing, 2001
Distinguished M.A. Thesis Prize (Top Masters thesis in the College of Arts), University of
Guelph, 2000
Board of Governors Graduate Research Scholarship, University of Guelph, 1999
University of Guelph Murray Medal (for academics, leadership, and community engagement), 1999
ScotiaBank Young Canadian Woman of the Year, 1995


“Friends in Kenya: this May I’ll be bringing a group of University of British Columbia students (ages 20-24) to the greater Nairobi area for a week (as part of a longer program that starts in Arusha). The students will be from all academic backgrounds and interests. The focus of our program is literature and writing, cultural production (film, art, theatre, music…), and social justice activism, but can go in lots of directions depending on people’s passions. If you are interested in getting involved (such as joining us for a reading of your work and/or casual discussion over lunch or dinner), or if you know of an initiative/program/venue/etc. that might be a good connection, I’d love to hear your ideas. Looking forward to collaborating with those of you who might be interested!” Prof Joanna Cockerline, British Columbia University, Canada.


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