The Yellow House

Presenting The Yellow House Library Poets

Over the past couple of years, poet and community organizer Babatunde Babafemi has been running The Yellow House Library in Lagos, Nigeria. Created with a small batch of used books that he purchased and other books donated from around the world, he has (literally) built a gathering place for young people around the local communities to read, to borrow books for free, and to share their own work with each other.

happy mother and child, who is holding up books he borrowed at The Yellow House library

Starting next week, Cultural Daily is proud to publish work that these young teens have written and performed for each other (and live on social media).

a young boy reads his poems at The Yellow House library

We are proud to continue supporting Babafemi and all the young writers and readers as they impact their communities through The Yellow House Library, their love of books, their tremendous art, and their spirit of sharing and community.


The Yellow House Library

The Yellow House

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