Is Your PS4 Getting Little Too Loud? Here’s What to Do

As an eighth-generation console, PS4 has evolved significantly from humble beginnings and now provides everything from immersive gaming across a number of genres to online interactivity and multiplayer interaction.

However, this technology is not immune to flaws, with the sound produced by a functioning and switched-on PS4 often too much for players to bear. But what can be done to correct this fault?

What Causes Your PS4 to be Noisy?

While there are numerous reasons that may cause your console to be noisy (including the disc-drive for those of you who own a PS4 Pro), the most common trigger is the constantly spinning fan.

This is built into the console, while fans play a critical role in moving heat away from the PS4’s internal components and minimising the risks posed by overheating or hardware failure.

It’s also fair to surmise that the fan may become a little noisier and far less functional as it continues to age, and this may be a sign that you need to upgrade to the latest PlayStation model.

In rare instances, an overly loud fan may simply be the result of a mechanical fault or failure. This is beyond your control, and if the issue cannot be repaired then you may be entitled to a refund or exchange depending on when you purchased the console and the precise terms of your warranty.

How to Correct This Fault?

If it is the fan that’s causing your PS4 to make a little too much noise, the easiest and most effective remedy is to keep the device as clean as you can.

This means giving the console’s exterior a good wipe down at regular intervals, while taking proactive steps to minimise the amount of dust and airborne particles that infiltrate the PS4 on a daily basis.

As for those hard-to-reach internal components such as the cooling vents, you could consider using compressed air to ensure that all of the console’s airways are free from debris.

Conversely, you could invest in a simple air duster from RS Components. These compact tools can be used to effectively remove dust, dirt and debris from any kind of electrical equipment, from consoles and laptops to keyboards and even circuit boards.

Their average size and unique designs are also perfect for cleaning in cramped and hard to reach spaces, allowing for an optimal level of cleaning that keeps your PS4 purring rather than spluttering when in use!

Photo: unsplash-logoNikita Kachanovsky

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