Publish! You Can Too!

Last week, we put on our first Soul Together event. It felt like the old (younger) house party days. And the bands and the writers all killed it! Peter is on it already, turning Soul Together into a regular (possibly weekly) event.
But this week, it’s all about PUBLISH!, our two-day underground publishing event in New York City.
If you’re in NYC this coming weekend, would love to see you. Drop in and take part and YOU will be a contributing author and editor! It’s that easy! Spread the word. Details below.

On June 1st and 2nd, Writ Large Press will be presenting our first NYC event:
Hosted by S2A, PUBLISH! questions the notion of writing as a private, solitary act and re-imagines the publishing process as an act of announcing.
Over the course of this two-day event, typewriters, keyboards, and voice technologies will be used to gather the attendees’ real time reports and reflections into a book entitled, “YOU CAN TOO: UNDERGROUND PUBLISHING IN 2013,” a process that will break down the mechanisms of publishing and amplify the magic of writing.

Saturday, June 1, 2013 Book Launch Party! @ 5:00 pm A celebration of the book that will be written
Featuring live blogging by Ed Lin, Becca Worby and more! and readings by Thaddeus Rutkowski, Melancton Hawks, and Ama Birch
Be prepared to enjoy the musings of the live bloggers, take in the words of the readers and to WRITE YOUR OWN ENTRY FOR THE BOOK.

Sunday, June 2, 2013 Publishing @3:00 pm
Featuring readings by YOU! Book editing by YOU! Publishing by YOU!
Featuring readings by Robin Grearson, Mariette Papic, and Alex Morris @ 5:00 pm
The earliest known use of the word “publish” is to “to announce or declare.” Therefore, a publisher is simply one who announces in public.
Take the mic and declare anything you wish to an intimate audience of two.
You can read your original work, quote your favorite authors, re-enact a scene from “Anchorman,” have a conversation with a friend, or freestyle!
Using voice recognition software, everything said into the mic will be transcribed for publication in “YOU CAN TOO: PUBLISHING IN 2013.”
Choose selections from the work generated throughout the weekend to make your own version of “YOU CAN TOO: PUBLISHING IN 2013” to take home with you.

There will also be a pop-up burger and beer/wine restaurant going on at the same time called WHAT IT IS.

What are you looking for?