PUNKTHRIFT: “To the Sun from ‘the sun'”

To the Sun from “the sun”

I will be gone
Sooner than soon
Flowers will bloom by noon in this room
My face will smile its final smile at not having to smile anymore
My body shall return to the quiet that was present before the big bang
It shall be still.
Sun, all we see you do is rise and set
You are the brightest star
We think you are ours
We say you shine for us
Give us life
Birth life that allows us breath
But you are not ours
Your light does not belong to us
Use my body to make them see when they will not be able to use you for their eyes
That they must survive without you
Live on without you
My body will lay its final rest like a still horizontal plane
Where you will be able to return home to my chest
Of course
I am not “the sun”
They say our bodies are made from stardust
But obviously I am not “the sun”
But I’ve been the sun for many humans
My smile warms them
When the moon covers my light they are blinded on their paths
They dont know what to do
Except try and bring the sun back
My light does not belong to you
I belong to life itself
Humanity has been corrupted
I am not of your cloth
But you are all smarter than me
I cannot adapt to the realities of life, as you can
You have to be smart
They say humans are the smartest creatures on Earth
They have survived and will survive
Earth is destroyed
Soon they will not need it
They will go to Mars
Soon they will probably not need you either, Sun
They say a void will be left once you are gone
But do you know how many stars there are??
I bet there are a lot out there
They will move to another planet which rotates another one as you do
I have to tell you it is okay
Humanity will live on and thrive
Another like you will be found and adopted
But does it hurt to know we are dispensable? 

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