Random Poets List Their Scariest Films

Because I can’t really tell what day it is anymore and I’m just trying to stay tethered to reality, I’ve been watching nothing but…HORROR FILMS!!! The other day (What day? I don’t know!) I spent hours on YouTube watching clips, shows, films about Japanese urban legends (Hikiko! Slit Mouthed Woman! ) and let me tell you, it was a day well spent.

Anyway, I asked poets on my Facebook to list their scariest films and this random group of poets responded. Take their advice (and mine) and watch all the movies!



I mean it has spiders. And William Shatner.



Clare Welsh — ANTICHRIST

This movie is, what the kids call, all kinds of fucked up. So is the director, but that’s a whole different conversation.


Joseph Mosconi — IRREVERSIBLE

That 10 minute tunnel scene, oh god. Also the opening scene (actually many scenes) might make you nauseous.


Asa L. Drake — HALIMAW

Asa couldn’t be alone with a large pot until her 20s after watching this movie. You can watch the whole movie here (watch out for NSFW butt ads).


Peter Woods — THE BAD SEED

Rhoda was the worst. THE WORST!


Danielle Pafunda — THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (1972)

One of those movies that leaves you feeling all dirty.



A super underrated movie. The best of the catacomb horror movies.


Tiffany Babb — PRIMAL FORCE

Two words: Mutant. Baboons.



Steven Hendrix — THE HAND

If you used to watch Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, you’ve seen this movie.


Skyler Reed — SE7EN

What’s in the boxxxxxxx???


Rocío Carlos — POLTERGEIST

The original. It stars the incomparable JoBeth Williams and Coach. Please, never watch the 2015 remake.

What are you looking for?