Random Writers List Their Favorite TV Episodes

So another week of killing stay-at-home time with stupid Facebook games! Last week I asked random poets on my FB to list their scariest films. Because that was so fun, I decided to do another one.

This week’s question: What are your favorite TV episodes? Not whole shows, but single episodes. I got a lot more replies than I expected, so check out this long ass list. And if you haven’t watched them yet, check them out! You can find most on streaming somewhere paid or free I’m sure.

Also, if you have favorite TV episodes that you don’t see listed, please leave a comment so others can check them out too.

Stay safe! Watch a bucketload of TV! I mean what else is there to do?


Let’s Begin With the Greatest

Shana Nys Dambrot — Luke and Laura’s Wedding episode of General Hospital. I mean….


Wait, Some of You Still Haven’t Watched The Wire?

Well if you haven’t, then—

Tod Goldberg — S4 Finale, “Final Grades”

Kirk Diedrich — S5 E7, “Took”
Bill Nevins — S5 E10, “-30-”


All The Operas Are Space Operas

Lisa Borders, Ashley Heaton Kuczenski, David Hall & Takeo Rivera — Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, S6 E13, “Far Beyond the Stars”
Neil Aitken — Firefly, S1 E4, “Jaynestown”
Katharine Coldiron Mason — Star Trek: TNG, S5 E2, “Darmok”
Floyd Cheung — Firefly, S1 E1, “Serenity”
Andrew McFayden-Ketchum — Star Trek: TNG, S6 E19, “Lessons”


But More Importantly, Is Buck Rogers Space Opera?

Jesse Waters — S1 E14, “Space Vampire”


I Never Could Get Into Six Feet Under, But This Isn’t About Me!

R. Erica Doyle & Gayle Brandeis — Series Finale (S5 E12)

If you don’t trust their opinion on this, watch this guy watching the episode:


There are The Office Fans! (But It’s 2020 What Even Is An Office Amirite?) 

Gustavo Adolfo Guerra Vasquez — S1 E2, “Diversity Day”
Neelanjana Banerjee & Rob Sturma — S4 E13, “Dinner Party”



Remember When Seinfeld Was the Only Show on Television? It’s True.

Trista Hurley-Waxali — S4 E11, “The Contest”
Kenning JP Garcia — S7 E8, “The Pool Guy”


Toon Time!

So many different cartoons! Some for kids, some for adults. All for dreamers like us…

Rachel Maude — Simpsons, S3 E8, “Lisa’s Pony”
Faisal Mohyuddin — Simpsons, S8 E4, “Burns, Baby Burns”
Maya Daisy Hawke — King of the Hill, S3 E23, “Wings of the Dope”
Alexandra Naughton — Doug, S3 E10, “Doug’s Nightmare on Jumbo Street”
Allan G. Aquino — Batman: The Animated Series, S1 E14, “Heart of Ice”
Elder Zamora — Bojack Horseman, S4 E11, “Time’s Arrow”
Gabriel Ojeda-Sagué — Adventure Time, S5 E51, “Lemonhope”

Speaking of Adventure Time:

And…sort of cartoon:

Minal Hajratwala — Supernatural, S13 E16, “Scoobynatural,” and yes, it’s a Supernatural x Scooby Doo crossover episode.


Yeah, Yeah, It’s Bigger On the Inside

Multiple Doctor Who episodes, with multiple Doctor Whos

Saba Razvi — 11th Doctor, Series 6, Ep13, “The Wedding of River Song”
Tina Marie Johnson — “The episode of doctor who when the light gets in.”
Me: “This one?”

Tina: “No but I like this one better!”


These Writers Are…Lost (Sorry I’ll See Myself Out)

Skyler Reed & David A. Romero — S4 E5, “The Constant”


Mad Menz (Aren’t All Men Mad?)

Beth Bich Minh Nguyen — S3 E13, “Shut the Door, Have a Seat”
Daniel Antonio Barron — S4 E7, “The Suitcase”


The X-Files: I Want to Believe (That We Will Go Outside One Day)

Mireya Serrano Vella — S8 E10, “Badlaa”
Robert Roman — S3 E20, “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space”
Loretta McCormick — S5 E5, “The Post-Modern Prometheus”


Some Old School (I Mean Olllldddd) Favorites

Jeremy Pikser — The Honeymooners, “Chef of the Future”

Kevin Sampsell — Happy Days, S3 E13, “They Call It Potsie Love”
Jennie Baker — Lost In Space (Original), S1 E7, “My Friend, Mr. Nobody”
Patricia Spears JonesThe Dick Van Dyke Show, S2 E21, “It May Look Like a Walnut”

Alisa Slaughter — “The episode of the Rockford Files when Stephanie Zimbalist says to Jim, ‘I’ve tried, really tried, but darn it, Jim, I hate cops.'” That episode.


Black Mirror? We’re IN Black Mirror!

Wo Chan & Bob Novick — S3 E4, “San Junipero”


Fuck Yeah, Here’s a Great Fucking Episode of Deadwood

Ryan Collins — S2 E7, “E.B. Was Left Out”


I’m Still Upset Homicide Was Not As Big a Hit As Law & Order

But two different people picked the one Homicide episode guest starring Vincent D’onofrio

Steve De Jarnett & Theresa Corigliano — S6 E7, “Subway”

Bonus Content!!!

If the name above, Steve De Jarnett, sounds familiar, it’s because he directed one of the all time cult classics (especially if you are from LA) Miracle Mile.


Buffy stays slaying

Pema Rocker — S5 E16, “The Body”
Cat Ingrid Leeches — S4 E10, “Hush”


So Many Twilight Zones. Maybe All the Zones Are Twilight Zones Now

Shannon Barber —”Time Enough At Last”
YS Kim — “Living Doll”
Jill Bergantz — “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”
Carey Fosse — “Walking Distance”
D.G. Sutter — “Eye of the Beholder”


Breaking Bad? Breaking Best!

Malcolm Pelles — S1 E1
Derek Annis — S1 E3


Two Crowns!

Unlike Meghan & Harry, there is some love here for The Crown.

O’Lan Jones — S3 E7, “Moondust”
Nina Rota — S1 E9, “Assassins”


Most Surprising Show to Get a Vote

Jordan A. Rothacker — Benson, S7 E4, “The Stranger”


Most Surprising Show to Get Multiple Votes

Goodloe Byron — The Prisoner, E16, “Once Upon a Time”
Keith Pearson — The Prisoner, E17, “Fall Out”


I Only Recently Learned That Zack Is Asian-American (He Is Still Trash)

Stephanie Kaylor — Saved By the Bell, S2 E9, “Jessie’s Song”


And The Rest of the List for Which I Didn’t Know How to Write a Clever Headline

Kate Maruyama — The Sopranos, S3 E11, “The Pine Barrens”

Jessica Ceballos y CampbellCheers, S1 E10, “Endless Slumper”

Anthony Robinson — Parks & Recreation, S4 E6, “End of the World”

Amanda Fletcher — PEN15, S1 E3, “Ojichan”

Victoria Lynn McCoy — Castle Rock, S1 E7, “The Queen”

Alessandro DiFrancesco — Fishing with John, E2, with Tom Waits

Julia Callahan — My So-Called Life, S1 E15, “So-Called Angels”

Jeff Rogers — Taxi, S2 E12, “Elaine’s Secret Admirer”

Lynne Procope — The Good Fight, S2 E6, “Day 443”

Lisa Marie — Fleabag, S2 E4 (no title)

Brian Dunlap — Black-ish, S2 E16, “Hope”

Karl Chwe — Mad About You, S6 E9, “The Conversation”

Louise Robertson — 30 Rock, S2 E3, “The Collection”

Wendy Chin-Tanner — Arrested Development, S1 E1

Tomas Benitez — West Wing, S1 E10, “In Excelsis Deo”

Michelle Grondine — Utopia, S1 E1 (no title). “…because of the world building, the tension, and the visual beauty. the opening sequence into the comic book shop cold open is masterful”

Jason O’Toole — Peep Show, “Super Hans Party”

Matthew Simmons — Watchmen, S1 E8, “A God Walks Into Abar”

Jon McConnell — It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, S10 E9, “Frank Retires”

Michael H. Winn — 3rd Rock from the Sun, S5 E7, “Sex and the Sally”

Sharon Sloane Mariem — True Blood, S1 E1, “Strange Love”

Chere R. Hampton — Forever, S1 E6, “Andre and Sarah”

Liggera Edmons-Allen — Hannibal, S1 E8, “Fromage”

Josh Gaines — Chappelle’s Show, S2 E4

Babafemi Babawale Babatunde — Power, S6 E15, “Exactly How We Planned”

Steven Hendrix — Kim’s Convenience, S4 E7, “Beacon of Truth”

Lucky Evelyn Sassafras — Community, S2 E11, “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

Emily Paige Wilson — Marianne, S1 E8, “On est mardi”

Marie Myung-Ok Lee — Billions, S2 E11, “Golden Frog Time”

Kỳ-Phong Paul Trần — Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The Finale

Peter Woods — Martin, S5 E5, “Boo’s in the House”


And Finally…*checks notes….The Partridge Family

Melinda Luisa De Jesus — S1 E18, “Soul Club”

I mean it’s got Richard Pryor in it I guess.

What are you looking for?