Random Writers List Their Go-To Memes of the Past 2 Months

We’re at the point of the stay-at-home orders in which we no longer use “words” to communicate. Because, I mean, who even wants words anymore?

Lucky for us, we’re also living in the time of a universal language called MEMES.

So of course, I followed up the TV episodes question and the scariest movies question with:

What’s been your go-to meme over the past two insane months?


Chere R. Hampton


Viktoria Valenzuela


Chris Daley


Isobel O’Hare


Shali Nicholas


Hyunjin Jo


Juli C. Lasselle


Richard Cooper


Kirk Diedrich


Gina Ruiz


Stephanie Green Smith


Terance Gerard Joseph Jr.


Wendy Chin-Tanner


R. Erica Doyle


Miranda Bowden-Parker


Marie Smart


Leona Noel Fagerhaugh Maygem


Scott Woods


A Lucia Estrella


Jennifer Genest


Shawna Kenney


Jason O’Toole


Stephen van Dyck


David Campos


Clemen Shine


Carrie Moniz


Karen Hewitt


Staci Jordan Shelton


Ed Haynes


Rhea Tepp


Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves


Esther Tseng


Elizabeth Bradley


Danielle Pafunda


Barracuda Guarisco


Samiya Bashir


Diana Artemezia K

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