Ready to Surrender?

I love seeing when film and dance merge to give us something that is uniquely about, and makes the best of the intersections of these two distinct mediums. Ready to Surrender is just such a short film. A feast of light and color, smart and beautifully executed choreography, camera work, and editing, it doesn’t hurt that the dancers are also stunning to look at as human beings.

Three dancers making patterns in "Ready to Surrender"
Three dancers making patterns in “Ready to Surrender”

Two women, a red head and a brunette, their wet hair flying as they face off and manipulate each others bodies in a physical war of wills. Overhead shots of a group of dancers discernable by the palette of their costume design as they move against a blown out white background. A body caught mid flight at an impossible angle passing through the frame, captured before either departure from, or landing on to the ground… All these moments coalesce beautifully in this exquisite short directed, shot, and edited by Maceo Frost, and choreographed by Mari Carrasco. Stylish, hip, and smart, with a great score, Ready to Surrender is, according to the liner notes on NOWNESS, “a pulsating dance about daring to fall”.

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Two women face off before bursting into dance.
Two women face off before bursting into dance.

Whatever the subject, it’s nothing if not a series of breathtaking moments that are beautifully lit, shot, danced, directed, edited, choreographed, and compiled into a whole that does stunning service to the sum of its parts, and stands as an ode to the union of dance and film.

Be Ready to Surrender… Enjoy.


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