Recruit CRM’s Applicant Tracking System Should Be Your Search Firm’s Next Big Investment

NORWOOD, New Jersey, June 6, 2021: If you’re still in the ‘I don’t know where is that excel sheet’ phase, it’s probably time to give your recruiting process a second thought. Recruit CRM’s modernised Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the new destination for all recruiters and headhunters who’re struggling to keep up with the latest recruiting trends and grappling to save time and money. A single solution to manage all your client needs, candidates, open positions and teams, this is one of the best Applicant Tracking Systems in the market that you’d want to give a try.

With a strong resume parsing technology, boolean and radius search, custom sales pipeline, integrations and more, Recruit CRM has turned itself into an all-in-one recruitment solution for your staffing needs. The company now is being trusted by recruitment agencies in more than 65 countries globally, thus making a mark on its own.

Recruiters have often tried working with serious bulky ATS’ and CRMs in the market but that was of no avail for being super non-user-friendly. Recruit CRM’s main goal was to create a software that would only cater to the needs of recruiters since one of their prime complaints was the non-availability of recruitment CRMs.

A firm believer of top-notch customer support and just being there for its consumers, Phoebe Chadwick, Director of Dot Recruitment based in London pointed out— “If you need anything, the team is available to help in no time at all. This is the most versatile system out there and I have trialled a lot! It’s intuitive and very user-friendly. They are constantly updating and making the system even better.”

The New Jersey-based SaaS company supports a fabulous Chrome extension, an Android and iOS mobile app giving recruitment-on-the-go a new lease of life. Today hundreds of recruiters utilise this ATS to source candidates, send bulk emails, maintain fruitful relationships, hotlist candidates, parse resumes, in addition to making use of their high-tech features and monthly product updates.

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash 

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