Remember Water? String Theory Flows

It’s true: California is in the middle of a terrible drought. But luckily, although water is scarce, there is no shortage of creative juice flowing on the West coast.

A case in point is LA’s very own String Theory. This week, they bring their invented musical instruments and singular style of performance that mixes music, choreography, media, and imaginative eclecticism to the Miles Playhouse in Remembering Water. Luke and Holly Rothschild, the husband and wife duo behind String Theory, have individually and collectively tackled films, sites, and stages with their signature style, as well as events for mainstream venues like the Grammy’s, Van Cleef and Arpels, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Dom Perignon, and TED.

In Remembering Water, the nine performers in String Theory “thematically explore the elements of water within 5 chapters including baptism, dehydration, destruction, supernatural, and rebirth.” As per their usual wont, String Theory creates a site-specific installation at each venue before the production even begins, transforming the space they grace with their gigantic architectural harps. For this production at the Miles Playhouse, the performance ensemble will interweave projections, wearable instruments, percussion sculptures, and much more, with music and choreography, to create their singular imagery and sounds.  And according to Holly Rothschild,this performance also introduces “Harness Harps which use the weight of the dancers bodies to create tension on our musical strings to make sound.”

In addition to a host of super talented musicians that make up the ensemble to create a “broad sonic palette”, Remembering Water features beautiful dance by Andrea Sobke, Genevieve Carson, Lavinia Findikoglu, and Danny Dolan.  There’s still time… Performances continue through May 31st. For tickets and information visit:

Take a minute to check out their video below…  And then go!

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String Theory EPK from Robert Amjarv on Vimeo.

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