Review of A Dog’s Dinner: A Tale You Would Love

Owning a pet dog is to say the least, really exciting. There is just so much your pet dog can do, and we are sure you would love every moment of it. Why not make it even more special by going in for a show of the Dog’s Dinner? It’s going to be as exciting as the last online casino game that you played with the TVG promo code – and we will tell you why below!

The Dog’s Dinner Review – A Must Watch

If you want to watch the Dog’s Dinner thinking it’s a great comedy, you are not going to get satisfied. In the romantic comedy Beattie Edmondson appears as a schoolteacher who constantly becomes the joke of her circle. Incidentally she gets a Patrick, a pug handed down from her grandmother who had recently died. She plays Sarah who is a singleton and doesn’t have much luck with men and always doing something clumsy.

About the Storyline

At first the two don’t gel and she seems to dislike the dog. But soon she discovers that Patrick can be her key to meeting men. She starts to take Patrick on walks in the park and finally meets Ed Skrein, who plays the role of a vet. She also chances upon Tom Bennett who is a sensitive and sentimental guy in the movie. You can also find Jennifer Saunders playing a cameo in the role of Sarah’s mother.

The story progresses in a much predictable way and the comedy doesn’t produce much laughs too. You have numerous closeup shots of the pug’s face and cute eyes- the director seems to count on them to produce the awww factor and get some emotions stirring in the viewers. The matter is if you don’t like pugs then this movie is going to be a bore for you. But if you find pugs lovable then the movie will be a good watch with some feel good factor. You really shouldn’t expect anything from the script which has nothing worthy to mention.

The performance of Beattie Edmondson is always enjoyable as he has made her name in comedy. You can recollect her performance in BBC’s sitcoms like Josh and movies such as Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie and Bridget Jones’s Baby. But the script of A Dog’s Dinner doesn’t provide much opportunity to her to bring out the comedian in her.

Sarah and her encounters with the men do provide some interesting twists in the plot but doesn’t last long to create a lasting effect. She assumes that her suitors are nice, and then thinks they are jerks, again to find that they are not so bad as a human being. There is a nice part in the movie when Sarah becomes excited to have the opportunity to live on a houseboat which doesn’t ultimately convert to reality. The movie has some good actors and the cute pug but lacks the punch to be called a good comedy movie.

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