The Rise of Social Gaming in 2020

Unless you’ve lived a particularly sheltered life, you will no doubt be aware of the fact that much of life’s everyday tasks are dominated by the internet. The internet changed life as we knew it, yet nowadays it feels as if it’s been around forever. Smart technology is the latest technological advancement to revolutionise modern living, especially where social gaming is concerned. Say what you will about smart phones and smart technology, but they’re certainly helping us to become more connected with one another than ever before. They’ve also resulted in a dramatic increase in the amount of people taking part in social gaming. Here’s a look at the rise of social gaming in 2020, and at what’s next.

What is social gaming?

Very simply, social gaming is a form of gaming which is enjoyed with other people, rather than in solitude. There are all manner of different examples of social gaming, from board games to online betting markets and gambling games enjoyed in a virtual casino. Basically, if it is classed as a game, and is enjoyed with other players, rather than in solitude, it is a social game.

How technology has influenced social gaming

Social gaming is not a new concept. In fact, we have been enjoying social gaming for many centuries, long before board games were invented. Fast forward to relatively modern times, and here in the UK we have enjoyed games such as bingo, in bingo halls up and down the country. As time went by, experts started looking at ways in which we could incorporate technology into social gaming and thanks to multi-player games, and smart technology, games such as online bingo sites, MMORPGs, and much more besides, could all be enjoyed on laptops and mobile devices at anywhere, at any time.

Social gaming is on the rise

What is painfully obvious, is the fact that mobile phones and smart devices, are now a part of everyday life. For many people, much of their everyday tasks can be, and must be, carried out on smart phones or tablets. From paying bills and direct debits, to answering emails and doing your shopping, smart tech has now more prominent than ever. Because of this, social gaming online is one of the fastest growing industries. In the early days of social gaming online, much of our gaming was done on social media. Now, thanks to apps, we can enjoy social gaming on our phones. The online bingo industry for example, has benefitted hugely thanks to mobile apps, and that trend is only going to continue for the foreseeable future.

Key benefits of mobile social gaming

Before we wrap things up, we’ll leave you with a look at some of the main benefits of mobile social gaming. These include, but are not limited to:

• Convenience
• Interaction
• Ease of use
• Faster
• Play anywhere at any time
• Affordable
• Play at your leisure

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