Roulette: History and how it became an online game.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, and every single casino has a big sign for it. The craze for this game doesn’t seem to be going down; on the contrary, it’s getting more popular. Let’s understand how it came to be and grew through time.

The Origin of Roulette: Some Historians’ Reflections

Some historians argue that the roots of roulette may be traced back to ancient China and Greece, even though the game is widely regarded as French. People in China believe that a popular game involved putting 37 animal figurines with numbers adding up to 666 into a “magic square.”

Here, 37 animal figurines are placed in a magic square with 666 numerals. Dominican monks were the first individuals to discover the game. They ultimately brought it to Europe with minimal modifications.

Unfortunately, we lack precise information on how this game was played. Therefore, it’s difficult to tell whether or not this narrative is accurate. Due to a lack of evidence, we choose not to accept it.

In ancient Greece, soldiers are said to have enjoyed a game involving sketching symbols on the inside of their shields, followed by drawing an arrow next to them. The troops would then wager on the possibility of the arrow stopping on a symbol. Even though this game has a lot in common with roulette, it’s hard to say for sure if it came before roulette.

The Invention of Roulette

Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, inventor, and mathematician, developed the Roulette wheel with no intention of creating a gambling game. In 1655, he endeavored to construct a perpetual motion machine.

A machine with “perpetual motion” doesn’t need any outside energy to keep running. The rules of physics state that it’s impossible, yet as an innovator, Pascal attempted to break these laws. His experiment was unsuccessful, but the process spawned one of the most popular casino games ever.

Roly Poly and Even Odd, two games in which players gambled on the result of a spinning wheel, and Biribi, an Italian game in which players had to estimate which numbered ticket would be drawn from a bag, are said to have influenced roulette.

The Evolution of Online Roulette

In 1996, the first online gaming site emerged. Various forms of casino games were accessible back then. There were several slot machines and blackjack tables on the list. It took some time for roulette to become popular, but once people realized how entertaining it was, it was so widely accepted that people started to play roulette online.

As you are aware, playing casino games from the comfort of your own home is far more convenient. Players were no longer restricted to a single variation of roulette. They might choose from a variety of options, including French, European, and American.

Significant progress has been made since a scientist sought to develop a particular perpetual machine. Now, roulette gamers may wager using a variety of gadgets. Whether you have an iPad, an iPhone, or a computer, you may play your favorite game anytime.

Online Roulette with Live Dealers

While the growth of online casinos brought various advantages, one aspect remained absent: the ambiance of a traditional casino. Using casino software to play casino games online is undoubtedly easy and convenient, but it might be less enjoyable than playing at a physical casino. To remedy this problem, several online casinos have started providing live games broadcast from real casinos.

The first live game was streamed from a land-based casino using a webcam. Players at online casinos would wager on the games with the winning number selected by a real roulette table and not by a computerized random number generator.

However, this first effort to provide live games to internet casinos was severely flawed. Casino owners did not like to bother their customers, so cameras were installed far above the table or on the ceiling. Due to the camera’s distance from the table, this was a difficulty for online players, who could not see the table well.

Additional participants would also hinder the activity. Neither online nor live players were allowed to engage with the dealer. Regarding the video streaming quality, there was space for improvement. Internet connections were extremely slow at the time to support high-quality streaming, which negatively affected the whole experience.

The first specialized live casino studios were not established until 2006. There were several benefits to setting up a studio dedicated to live game broadcasting. To begin with, camera placement was improved so that online participants could get an excellent view of the game. Many cameras were used to provide a variety of angles and close-ups of the action

This method also prevented other players from obstructing the player’s view, making the game and croupier visible. Contact with the dealer was enabled for the first time. It undoubtedly enhanced the ambiance, making it similar to playing at a real casino.


Roulette remains one of the top casino games, and it’s now easier than ever to play. Ancient Romans and Greeks were familiar with the thrill of holding and waiting to see whether they would be lucky. And now that you understand the history of roulette, you can play the game with more confidence. It’s a game of pure chance, with no particular winning strategies.

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