Samuel Son: Two Poems

Samuel Son has poems published or forthcoming in MadCrab Journal, Tuck Magazine, American Journal of Poetry and Presbyterian Outlook. He is also a columnist for North State Journal, RavenFoundation and Mocking Bird.

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I heard the human heart responds most
to the mourns of the cello because it's range
mirrors the limits of the human voice


In the trembling of strings,

  timbres of


          of longings

even the silence quivers
with the faintest echo
of the desire that never
fully came to rest


Talking about Painting

It was so pleasant,
to talk about painting and not parenting,
to hear you speak of strokes and colors,
and not pick ups and clean ups.

About how the paint brush and the flat knife
are like the archaeologist’s brush and pickaxe
used to unearth what is hidden in the blank canvas,
carefully brush away layers of assumptions,
chip away at centuries of sediments of sentiments
to recover the hue of your eyes.

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