Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow’s Follow at the On Edge Festival

“The worst thing you can do for a dogma is to give it an empire.”  – Anonymous

If you are in or around Santa Barbara and its environs next Thursday evening, please come to the opening night of the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara’s On Edge Festival, and catch the world premiere of my new site-work, Follow, at the iconic, historic and beautiful Santa Barbara Courthouse, at 8 pm. 

Follow explores how human beings are hardwired to follow gurus, leaders, ideologies, etc. in the face of the unknown. Beginning within the interior of the iconic SB Courthouse, Follow is also a directive to the audience to do just that, as it travels down the hallways and outside to experience the monumental scale of the Courthouse’s sunken garden and exterior, using movement, media, sound, and dynamic visual imagery.

Kalin Morrow & Charissa Kroeger in Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow's
Kalin Morrow & Charissa Kroeger in Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow’s “Follow”

Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow’s work has been critically acclaimed internationally, and was included in Victoria Looseleaf’s The Looseleaf Report’s Best Dance of 2013.

Follow features dance from Christopher Bordenave, Charissa Kroeger, Kalin Morrow, Evan Swenson, Shade Theret, Genevieve Zander, a cast of additional performers from LA and Santa Barbara, music by Feltlike / Paul Chavez, and Yuval Ron (originally commissioned for my work at LAX entitled “Everywhere Nowhere”), projections designed by Stephen Glassman and costume design by Swinda Reichelt.

This is a free and ticket-less event!

Dancers in Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow's
Dancers in Sarah Elgart / Arrogant Elbow’s “Follow”

“Acrobatic and graceful… Dancers are indiscernible from travelers: bags in hand, suits adjusted, they are perfectly camouflaged until they begin to break down the everyday quality of their gestures in favor of hyperbole and a loose collapsing chorus line.”
John O’Brien
Artillery Magazine

“Suddenly a tall tube of ruby fabric mysteriously appeared and began to sway in the balmy air… It was dance maker Sarah Elgart’s fine execution(using) choreography to augment a familiar locale and cause an audience to see with new eyes.
Debra Levine
Arts Meme

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