The Yellow House Poets

Sarah Emetuche: “Half of a yellowish dish”

Half of a yellowish dish
by Sarah Emetuche


Halfway down this soup I stare at this half empty plate
Sometimes last year my hair was half plait
because my mother had a scuffle with the stylist

Today I’m not at the bottom
I’m not at the top
Still I am never where I want to be

I need to finish this soup
because this is the same spot
I always pause
to wonder why our life has been half cooked

I always have all sorts of funny thoughts that run around my head
I think it is because my hair was once half plait
and all this thought isn’t leading me anywhere
but somewhere near how to make my bowl full again

I want to ask you,
do you have same thought like me too
to make our lives whole?


Sarah Emetuche
Sarah Emetuche, member of The Yellow House Library

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