Sarah Shaw: Five Poems


When people take one look at me, they underestimate me.
Cause they don’t know what I can do.
But I can dance, I can sing.
I can do pretty much anything.
I am superhuman.
And I am just gonna be me.
Even though people think I can’t do much of anything.
When they look at the surface, all they see is me and my dis-a-bility.
But what they don’t see is my unique abil-ity.
I gotta make them see, there’s so much more to me.



Life can be rough like the ocean
It can be calm like the sea
That’s just the flow.
The flow of life.
Life may flow in different directions
It may crash into the rocks
Like plans you made that never happened.
You gotta go with the flow of life.
Yeah times can be rough
Like the sea
But that’s the flow
Just the flow of life
Life goes in a lot of different directions
Just like the flow of the sea
So go, go, go with the flow of life.



Whenever I am feeling down
You turn my frown upside down
When the light in my soul is out
You know how to bring it out

Even when I think the light is dying

When I see you, you make me feel light hearted.
When I am with you, I am a moth drawn to a flame
When it is grey, you light up my day.
When it is cold, you make me warm
Even when there is no sun

It is as if I am seeing the sun for the first time

You make my soul shine brighter than the sunlight
I have been shut off the whole time
And now I finally see the light.



If you don’t let the spark come out,
you’ll never know what you could’ve been.
Life is too short to waste your time.
You can’t leave that spark inside you all the time.
You got to let it out.
It’s not what you look like,
it’s what you are on the inside
That always wins.



People may think I am not
But I am worthy of a lot.
I am worthy of friendship.
I AM worthy of love.
I am WORTHY of attention and respect.
I am worthy OF a good time.
I am worthy of EVERYTHING.
I am worthy for YOU and


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Sarah Shaw is a student at Able ARTS Work

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