Saundra BC: “Distractions”


Wake up early morning
Write out today’s agenda
Stick to the schedule I say
Ok, no problem, I’m writing it down so nothing will get in the way
Before I can complete the thought
I’m reminded of something left undone
I’ll go and do this one thing, then get started on my list when I return

Start working, but the phone rings
Someone needs something, my attention is now broken
Get them through their crisis
A quick meditation to relocate my focus
Now back on track but then a knock at the door
Who on earth can that be, oh sorry, wrong place, we were looking for number four
Yeah, ok, no problem, I’ll just go back to work now, start again — once more

First thing on the list, let me get down to it,
Then the loud weather system sends an alert — take cover now, so you don’t get hurt
Shut that thing off I say, it’s breaking my concentration!
I have to get this work completed, no room for excuses, there’s a truckload that’s due

Stop, listen, your work can wait, from the weather system take your cue

A sign on the wall above my head — please, no more distractions!
Just one hour of peace y’all hear me when I say
This work, I must finish, go find something else to do
Give me a moment of silence — yes, hush the distractions until I am through.

(Featured image from Pixabay)

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