Saundra BC: “Good morning, Sunshine”

Good morning, Sunshine

Good morning, Sunshine, you are shining softly to warm the morning dew
There’s a tenderness about you today; your fervor, the perfect degree
I sit with you in the a.m. and enjoy the warmth of your reach
My mind drifts as I imagine the distant shore, when we’re together at the edge of the beach
I stroll along, taking in your glow, with you comes many beautiful colors
I love your morning hue.

Good morning, Sunshine, I know you have work to do
Your next shift is starting soon and your glow is now a sting
I’ll see you again at your earliest peak, when your hand is a gentle touch
Thank you for all you do, these moments with you are valuable and few

Sunset has come, I feel your warmth massaging my bones
I appreciate you my friend for helping me to see so clearly
For with your guidance, I’ll never walk alone
I’m turning in now, I’ll miss you during the night’s hours

I can hardly wait, until I see you in the early morning’s gentle breeze
Your warm embrace is before high noon,
When the strength of that glow reaches its height

Good morning, Sunshine
You have given me a fresh start
So cares, stress, and worries, I leave in your presence
You turned their stench, to sweet smelling perfume
I feel as light as a feather, yes, all warm and fuzzy in my heart

Good day for now, Sunshine


(Featured image from Andrea Stöckel)

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