Saundra BC: “Ocean”


A few feet out the swell begins
Pushing toward the front, where we all stand
Rolls upon rolls, the waters seem to be in a rush
Sashaying swiftly, to make way to the shore

When the people notice the tides rushing forward,
With haste they move away
Don’t want to get swept under, so move, so that you’re not crushed

The rise comes first, then rolls in with great force
It hit the shore, exhales, then recedes with a deep breath
But wait, there’s more, another round that makes its way through
Waves hit so hard they knock over whoever is near
I stand a few feet away, at a distance, over on the pier

The splashing of the waves is beautiful to watch
But careful, don’t get caught in its path
The tides are strong, the waves are too
The situation can change quickly
A body can be pulled under, within a flash

Stay near the shore line
While you play in the slosh
Have your fun near the bank, a little ways over there
The day is done, everyone goes home safely
We all had a great time playin’ and plopping in the coastal air

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