Saundra BC: Two Poems

Two Poems by Saundra BC


My Friend

A spirit of depression is riding my friend today
I’ve been trying to help him work through the troubles
But he’s in a place where he needs more than I know how to offer

Talk with a counselor I say, they’ve been trained for such a thing as this
Don’t try and handle it all on you own
The burden is too great and you are too small

Thoughts moving, mind walking, mind thinking, thinking, thinking, thin-kking
I’ll go with you, every step of the way
The recesses of the mind, is grim, there is no light there
I’ll sit outside the doctor’s door until the sessions end
The voice doesn’t stop, echoes, the voice doesn’t stop, echoes

I’ll offer you my shoulder, when you need to lean
Melancholy days, wandering and wading through heaviness
It’s ok. I don’t mind. I love you, my friend
Where am I? How did I get here?
I’ll sit with you through the night, until we see the light of day
Make it stop, but it won’t stop – moving. – All I can do is pray.

How can we bring you through these troubled times
Turn on the light, where’s that thought going?
Invest in you, this cerebral real estate is prime
What is this place? How did I get here? Am I lost? I’ve seen this place before
This is your freedom my friend. We’re here to help you, this is your open door.

My beloved, I want to see you smile again and hear your deep gut laugh
Let me listen to that sound which causes me to chuckle while standing in the
distance, and watch as the gleam returns to your eyes
Feel the warmth that radiates from your beautiful heart
Know your presence is most valued, know we’ve heard your cries
Rejoice for a new day, a day that you have found your inner strength
So please, wake up, get up my friend, you have a life to live
I can see the light, so many beautiful colors. . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Ode to Hawaii

Beautiful clear skies, earth toned sandy beaches
Clear turquoise water, just look straight through it
The smiles of sunshine beaming down upon your skin
With sunshade covered eyes, watch the sunset as it glides across the horizon
Headed in for a nightcap, just before the darkness begin

Colorful fish, tall green trees
Mountains that are raised so high, the peak touches the sky
Tourist filled streets and sidewalks, stores filled to capacity
Dining outdoors at restaurant near the water, impromptu photo op
Chill, take a deep breath, and enjoy a MaiTai

Some mountains are split, blasted right through the middle
Move mountain, make a passageway to the other side
You’re not so impossible to climb, for I now have a tunnel
Tunnels so dark, once darker than the night, thank goodness for artificial lights
Wait, elevation change, going to a new height

The tunnel isn’t too long, but it blocks the island’s hue
But there is light at the end of the tunnel, once there, you will enjoy the view
The breaking of day is on the other side, the flowers in all their glory, has a beautiful surprise

A mild warm day, gentle breeze blowing, light fluffy clouds hovering, the day is just lovely
Beautiful tropical day all dressed and wrapped in a multi-color bow
Take a dip in the water, then relax on the beach for the evening show

This place sounds magnificent, so where is it located
It is on a little rock, right across the ocean
I’ve been there quite a few times, just taking in the scenery
The island of Hawaii, you’ll love the sunshine, the beaches, and all the greenery



(Featured image from GPA Photo Archive; used under CC BY-ND 2.0)

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