Saundra BC: Two Poems

Two Poems by Saundra BC


The Signer & the Singer

I saw a signer signing signs to a singer who knows signs
The singer sang while the signer signed from the list of synonyms in the song

I saw a singer watching a signer who saw a sign swinging and swaying
The swaying sign swooped pass the signer as she stood signing the words on the sign to the solicitor

The signer and singer sat slumped on a see-saw situated on its side
When seven sisters are standing, slowly sipping slurpees through straws

Suddenly, a sad sack slid off the slides and stayed standing with sweat sloping off his side-burns, all over his shirt
Summer is here sounded the stranger, it shall soar into the super streaks of seething heat — you’ll see
So swing by the store, get a steak sandwich, slurpy or seven up
Sit and enjoy them at the edge of your seat or snug under some shade tree
Either way
See the signs that show you where to step
As you slowly make your way to the shop that sells the sweet stuff you’ll pull from the shelf
Off on his way the stranger had nothing left to say

The seven sisters, shaken by the sight of him were gone away, off to a different safe site
They sauntered down the sidewalk, switching somewhere over near the south
Left now, the signer and singer who stood to go their separate ways
We should wish for showers to soothe the sizzling days
These summer days are scorching and summer has just started
But I’m leaving now to enjoy my supper and the rest of my sunny, sweltering Sunday
Away for now agreed both the signer and the singer.


Get Up

Get up! young one, strong and mighty
Life has pushed you, kicked you, tried to cause you to fail
But yes, keep moving, you’re a fighter, you will win if you don’t quit

Get Up! little girl, you no longer have to fear, that monster is locked away — caged, no longer taking your youth
You can learn to trust again, learn to be sincere

Get Up! teenaged boy and young adult male, you’re struggling through the toil, you want to know how to become a man, but no one has shown you the way
There has been no guide, no determined male to be that lamp unto your footsteps, nor light for your pathway, so all you have felt is frustration, anger, disrespected and pushed aside
You’re left confused constantly asking — what shall I do?

Get Up! young people there’s still time left for you to make solid choices
Yes, there is much opposition and hateful antics in your path
But use those as stones to step on and get you closer to your goals, no one can do this for you – no one but you

Get Up! strong woman, I know life has been an uphill battle
You have been left with many scars from the knives of those you called friends
You trusted the wrong people, you didn’t see their hatred, their ill intents
It doesn’t look as though life will ever turn around in your favor, but you must keep pushing back, even when you don’t have the strength

Get Up! people, the battle isn’t over, it’s really just started
Continue moving forward
One day you will see, your fighting was all worth it.

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