Seb Doubinsky: “The Way”

Seb Doubinsky is a bilingual French writer and academic, born in Paris in 1963. He is an established writer and poet in France and in the USA. His novels are dystopias which revolve around a cities-states parallel universe. He currently lives in Denmark, where he teaches French literature, culture and history at the French department of the university of Aarhus. He is married and has two children.

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The Way


the middle way
is the hardest way
between the left and the right hand
the resolution and fragility of the heart


the sky draws its curtains
what is inside becomes outside
no doors


does the moon imitate the sun?
does the day imitate the night?
the road and the path
both take you where you must go


the bird becomes the tree
the cat becomes the grass
the wind becomes the silence
the day becomes the soul


the moon doesn’t light up your way
the moon shows you
where you are lost


who will remember us
when we are gone?
not the mountain
not the tree
not the bird
nor the river
who will remember us?
the wind yes the wind
will remember us


the wind has blown
the branches have cracked and broken
yet nothing has moved


we stumble on rocks and call them mountains
we get paper-cuts and call them wounds
we get a kiss and call it love
we are all poets


small steps small steps
the icy road waits patiently for your fall
small steps small steps
it’s a long short way home


night, like day,
has no edge
every day, every night
we walk the infinite

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