Self-Expression with Clothing

Expressing yourself in this day and age proves to be quite challenging at times. Standards set by society about how you should look, act, and sometimes even feel; dictates many aspects of our lives. Popular culture informs us about what is cool, and high fashion sets us on the path of what we should wear to look on-trend. 

We all wear clothing for their practical use. It seems we are often offered much the same as everyone else because, let’s face it, at least 100 other people have bought the exact same T-shirt you just bought from Nordstrom. Despite this, we, often unknowingly, express ourselves through our clothing. 

Each item we choose to wear and the combination in which we wear these clothes weaves a subtle story about who we are as an individual. A wardrobe, mostly in shades of pink, makes for a pretty good indicator of your favorite color. Whimsical hair colors reflect an outgoing personality. The corporate businessman who wears funky socks beneath his tailored suit and shiny shoes gives us a hint of his playful nature and distaste for corporate life restraints. 

And let’s talk about that T-shirt again, perhaps the girl down the street who bought it has paired it with a pair of overalls because she is more of a laid-back sort of person. But you, you paired it with a sleek skirt. You added a broach, dressing it up, showing your love of elegant style, and transforming it ever so slightly with an embellishment of your own. That is the beauty of fashion; no two people will ever wear it the same way. 

Style is fantastic. It allows us to change things up as we go, reflecting our continuous growth as we move through life. Your style in your teens evolves through your twenties and morphs into a reflection of the person you are today. Maybe back then, black platform combat boots were your jam, but today you’re more into pastels that show off your softer side.  

Having the confidence to express ourselves through clothing is something many people build up over time. The expectations of society and sometimes family often make it tough to express ourselves through fashion. Walking around feeling uncomfortable in clothing because it’s “not you” and is instead something you’re wearing to please others will only destroy your confidence further. Take joy in picking out your daily outfit, have fun shopping for new clothing, and feel comfortable in what you wear. Soon enough, your confidence will grow, and expressing yourself through clothing will come naturally. 

The freedom that comes with self-expression is magnificent and sets you on a path to being a happier version of yourself. When you glow, people notice. Often celebrities are identified by and loved for their sense of fashion style – Billie Eilish is known to wear oversized designer two-piece garments. Lady Gaga is almost always in an outrageous high-fashion ensemble. Ed Sheeran is not often seen without trainers. If wearing custom pin buttons is your thing, or you have a collection of hats you just love, then go for it, don’t hold back, get out there, and conquer the world.

Photo by Angela Bailey on Unsplash

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