Send a Postcard, Save a Post Office

USPS is planning to eliminate Saturday service, and small post offices struggle to survive. Jane Davies, a collage artist and painter who owns a tiny post office in Rupert, Vermont, came up with a unique want to keep the town’s post office open. Last week, Jane issued a call for people to send her art postcards to boost mail volume, and she offered to send a personal art postcard back to the first 200.

The response was overwhelming. We reached Jane in her art studio, across the road from the post office. “I’m afraid to check my mailbox!” she said. “It’s overflowing. We’ve had so many cards. From almost every state. From England! From Serbia!”
Jane is posting many of the cards on The Postcard Project’s Facebook page, and she keeps up with comments on her blog Collage Journeys.
You can mail your postcard to Jane Davies, PO Box 45, Rupert, VT 05768. You can also address them to Elizabeth, the postal worker who stands behind the counter. (Jane says Elizabeth would like to get some, too.) Jane’s already received more than 200 cards from strangers, but she promises to try to respond to as many as possible, especially those that have the most unique and personal content.
Jane also made a little video of the chickens at her post office. Watch it… then make an art card and send it. It’s only 33 cents.

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