A Visual Romp Through the History of Sex in the Movies

Sex and the cinema … they’ve gone hand-in-hand even as far back as the late 19th century! To tell the story, we turn it over to our fine friends at Fandor to provide a visual outline to what is certainly one of the longest standing romances in existence.

Their recently published infographic is full of juicy facts about the boundary-pushing films that got us from the 19th century up through today’s steamy offerings. It’s a wonderful timeline full of great imagery and fun facts. The Fandor team offered this commentary:

“By taking the historical approach, we see how film has and will continue to leverage spectacle and desire in the service of the zeitgeist, whether political or societal, activist or oppressive. In this timeline, there are lots of familiar faces and names, from DeMille to Bertolucci, Bardot to Voight (and Ledger and Gyllenhaal), and more.”

We at Cultural Weekly love it. So have a look and tell us what you think of Fandor’s Sex and the Cinema infographic. And be sure to check out what the team at Fandor are doing for independent filmmakers!


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