Sharks are Picky

It’s shark week. Did you know that sharks are picky eaters?

UNDERDONE shark eating sunfish
Like a giant silver pizza floating in the seas, the gentle ocean sunfish, or mola mola, is the heaviest known bony fish in the world. They mainly eat jellyfish, not anchovies, but I guess they don’t mind swimming amongst them. This great white shark doesn’t like anchovies either, apparently.


Did you also know that some people (apparently including these tiger sharks) have an odd theory about Shark Week?

UNDERDONE shark week
Did you know that sharks do not like to eat people? They may get confused, especially when young, and bite somebody, but humans aren’t fatty or blubbery enough for their needs. Wouldn’t you rather watch a commercial than get bitten by a shark?

Whatever you think about it, these cartilaginous creatures are fascinating and entertaining.

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