Shehu Mubarak Sulaiman: “So They Came Out”

So They Came Out

They got tired of being fed lies
for breakfast, empty promises
as dinner, got tired of seeing the
fate of their tomorrow, tossed
in the bin to some needless war
and killing

They got tired of being ruled as
servants, of seen as miscreants
of SARS, beating them to stupor
even when their hands are clean

They got tired of being told there
is a future, when tomorrow only
favours the rich, while the poor
stare and do nothing, but stoop
gently to lick from their toes

So, they got tired of losing jobs
because they are not Hausa, of
not getting admitted because
they are not Igbo, of being told
they are free, but extorted by
their leaders, and beaten by the

They got tired of being told they
are the future, when schools have
closed down, and children have all
forgotten how to read. And they
got tired, so this time, they stormed
the streets

They got tired, so they came out in
their numbers. carrying big placards
raising their voices, leaving behind
differences, neglecting their colour,
and tossing aside their faith

So, they came out, to revive the
honour of their land, to restore
hope to their people, to immortalize
their heroes, to write their
names in the books of history

So they came out, running, crying
so they came out, yelling, swearing
so they came out, as they have always
done, from Boro to Ojukwu, to
Aminu Kano and Beko, Fela and

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