SHOE STRINGS: Victoria Falls’ Hub of Tourist Hospitality


It boasts of a rich cultural and racial mix all enthralled by contemporary/traditional musical beats that resonate with the rhythm of black and white human mass that characterize revelers and travellers pouring every day and night into this tourist haven jiving to the beat of the mystic falls. Shoe Strings is a haven of natural beauty, traditional and contemporary visual arts and an all varieties food café with mainly special traditional meals that include maize meal “dough” served with beef stew and kale, you also get full English/Irish, Vegetarian, Vegan, American meals. The beverages include the usually African brews like Zambezi beer drawing its name from the Zambezi valley and a host of vodkas, whiskies and brandies for purposes of variety and selection.

The ambiance of this entertainment and hospitality haven is edified by glittering stars at evenings, the refreshing fresh air from the surrounding flora that washes away the anxiety, the sorrows and the tiredness of the travellers. The blue like white water sparkling swimming pool next to chilling like village rondavels that reminds the reveler of the ancient African set ups and as such history is tourism because it embodies traditions, anthropology, archeology and mythology—such is the beauty of Shoe Strings.

The art garden is one most revealing, inspiring and creative section of this great haven where travellers from Mongolia, England, the Americas and the Caribbean’s come to celebrate their lives, achievements , love, Africa and their dreams.

Art garden in Shoe Strings is a symbol of African museum, where all traditions, cultures and morals are represented by both abstract and original art that include puppetry, iron sculpture, stone sculpture, traditional beadwork and stone age like paintings that are created and exhibited by locals who have been engaged by the haven to be artists in residence and all this is done to fulfill the dreams of leisure hunters and dreamers of the land of Africa.

shoetwoAt Shoe Strings you feel at home away from home, they are smoke free guest rooms, bookings for helicopter flights, barbecue, cookware, microwave, free WIFI and free parking, outdoor pool, restaurant bar and lounge.

The management and customer service resonates with the rhythm characterized by this hospitality haven. The place is secured by 24 hour security to protect and give safety to the leisure hunters living at Shoe Strings and Shoe Strings is managed by a mature team of managers, bar tenders and food café chefs who are quite experienced in the hospitality and tourism industry. Shoe Strings provides all types of low budget and standardized accommodations sets. It is owned by one humble but highly hospitable character Mr. Timothy Cherry who enjoys the racial and cultural mix at this haven of leisure located in the intestines of Victoria Falls. Shoe Strings is a one stop low budget hospitality and tourist entertainment hub.


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