Should You Go for Natural Wood or A Painted Finish for Your Kitchen Units?

When selecting new units, it\’s important to consider the finish, as it can have a big impact on the overall aesthetics and the lifespan of the kitchen. The finish you decide on can accentuate the colour scheme, enhance the wood grain of the units, and even provide protection against moisture and heat. Since it\’s a one-time investment, you must get it right. Whether you\’re buying kitchen units for the first time or you\’re a seasoned remodeler, you\’ll quickly understand that stain and paint are two completely different things, even if they\’re both solid options. If you have a hard time deciding what\’s best for you, don\’t give up hope just yet. Here\’s the scoop on everybody\’s favourite kitchen unit finishes. 

The Case for And Against Natural Wood Kitchen Units

Your kitchen units are meant to last for decades, so you won\’t need to replace them anytime soon. That\’s assuming they\’re kept in good condition. Most kitchen units have a base wood species, which is usually oak or walnut, that can be stained. Solid wood kitchen units are more expensive compared to other types of materials, such as laminate, plywood, or MDF, but let\’s not forget that wood is more elegant and valuable. If the surface gets scratched, it can be repaired without much difficulty and concealed with the help of wood filler wax. Above all else, natural wood kitchen units can be customised to meet your requirements. 

Wood stains can be used to create different colour tones, as the stain enhances the natural knots and grains. You\’re likely to find reds, golds, and browns, although some companies offer finishes of blue, grey, and green. The translucent finish doesn\’t steer the attention away from the wood\’s natural character, so you can admire its distinctive features. If you don\’t want to catch sight of the wood\’s imperfections, whether colour inconsistency or uneven grain distribution, then wood stain is probably not the best way to go. Also, dust can be detected visibly. Your kitchen might not look dirty, but it\’s not going to make much of an impression. 

The Case for And Against Painted Kitchen Units 

Painted kitchen units are fun, in the sense that you have countless options in terms of colour. You can choose submarine yellow, lipstick red, or tranquil teal for your kitchen. Paint can be glossy, satin, or matte in finish, and the application process tends to be more complicated because it\’s necessary to achieve smooth results. If you opt for a colour that creates more contrast, it has a huge impact on how the kitchen looks and feels. Maintenance is fairly easy, so all you have to do is wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove dust and debris. 

Paint is an opaque liquid, meaning that it hides the wood grain. This is precisely why it\’s typically used on plywood surfaces, which are naturally less attractive and have a rough, harsh look. The paint protects the surface, saving thousands in terms of repair costs. Painted kitchen units tend to cost more, but that doesn\’t mean that you can\’t find units that carry an affordable price tag. The cost ultimately depends on who\’s making the kitchen units and where you\’re buying them from. Design trends come and go, so if you\’re not ready to commit to all-white units, you\’re free to choose another colour, like blue-green.  

If You Want to Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds, Get Painted Solid Wood Kitchen Units

Painted solid wood kitchen units are à la mode, and they are a practical choice owing to the durable finish, so they don\’t show scratches well. The look is suitable for a traditional kitchen, so don\’t be afraid to transform yours now. Even if you\’re happy with your kitchen\’s layout and design, you should consider an easy and cost-effective upgrade. If you want a more personal touch, hand-painted solid wood kitchen units might be the answer. They\’re designed and assembled by skilled manufacturers, which remove the middlemen to keep costs low, so you can spend more time in your exciting new kitchen. 

In oak or hickory, you can still see the wood grain, so they\’re not hidden behind the coat of paint. Painted solid wood units provide a warm, beautiful, natural-looking kitchen décor while still preserving the cool vibes of the modern style. Decadence doesn\’t have to be complicated. To create a kitchen that celebrates the beauty of nature, use solid wood in your kitchen. The units can be painted to match any colour you want, not to mention that they can withstand wear and tear, which is no little thing considering that the kitchen is the most used and abused room in the home. 

Learning how to install kitchen units might seem intimidating, but it\’s really quite simple, meaning that you can achieve a gorgeous look in no time. Grab the instructions and make sure you have all the parts and hardware. Doors usually arrive pre-drilled for straightforward assembly, which lets you install your kitchen quickly and hassle-free. It\’s recommended to set aside at least an entire day, get a friend to help you out, and double-check your measurements (don\’t extrapolate or assume). You can obtain a sample ahead of time, yet remember that it\’s a small representation of the overall wood grain and colour. 

Last Thoughts 

Painted solid wood kitchens have a unique beauty that\’s almost impossible to match. Units offer a much wider variety of colour choices but still ensure a sleek, modern look. If you play your cards right, your kitchen will look absolutely stunning. Of course, you need to know your exact needs and the kind of look you want for your kitchen. Careful planning is of the essence when it comes to creating a kitchen that\’s both beautiful and highly functional. Everything flows from the plan, so make sure you have one. It\’s easy to get carried away. If you entertain guests, for instance, you\’re going to need more base cabinets. You might even have to build a kitchen island. Plan a practical layout. 

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